Better Than Your Competition                          Custom Printed Ribbons Differentiate You.

Gifts come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. For those of you who sell gifts, it is vitally important to differentiate your gifts from those of your competitors. One way to do that is by allowing your customers to personalize each gift with a beautiful ribbon, custom printed with their sentiment. Now you can do this for about a dollar per gift!

But the good news is that our products don't cost you money, they make you money! These elegant ribbons are so popular that nearly all of our customers are selling these as add-ons to each gift. This is a whole new profit center for your business! has solutions for you, whether you are a florist, gift basket company, bakery, gift shop, or wedding and meeting planner. For less than $700, you can have a thermal printer connected to your computer that prints directly from Microsoft Word™, or any other word processor, onto natural silk, coated satin, or polypropylene ribbons.  The average printed banner costs less than one dollar to create!

Since most banners retail for around $10, your return on investment is approximately 1,000%!

So Simple To Create             Why Do You Think We're Called EasyRibbons?

This printer requires no special software.  If you can use Microsoft Word™, or any other word processor, then you can easily create spectacular banners and custom ribbons.

We provide a free compact disk with templates for horizontal & vertical printing.  Images and logos can be easily cut and pasted into any of these templates.

Our printer is fast.  It doesn't require any preheating. Your ribbons print in less than one minute.

The thermal transfer print method guarantees perfect prints with a high resistance to damage from wind, water, and sun.